Our nonprofit was a participant last year. Do we still need to sign up, this year?


Are the use of Subs and/or pinch hitters (including celebrity pinch hitters like Dinger) okay?


Will you be able to track donation progress on the website?


Can you enter 2 teams?

Only 1 team for now please. If we do not have 18 teams signed up by 4/28 we can offer you another team.

Is there an upfront cost to enter this event?

No. Rotary will take no more than 7% of the donation proceeds to cover putting the event on. If the actual cost to Rotary is less than 7% of the donation proceeds then you will receive more than 93% of what you raised.

Can you bring and distribute “swag bags”?

Yes. The presumption is that your swag bags will consist of some inexpensive but appropriate items and, perhaps, a copy of your brochure or marketing materials.

Does your whole team play the same 10 holes?